In April, 2019, Dan Saffer compiled a fabulous list of Non-Design Books for Designers. But at 87% male, it wasn’t a very gender-balanced list. There are, of course, a slew of historical reasons for this. I don’t blame Dan…he’s just the messenger. So I reached out to Dan to suggest broader representation, and he asked me for suggestions. And then it became a mini-quest.

Step 1: Collect my personal favorites to add to the list (not a collective process, but some ideas to start.) — Done, Nov 21, 2020.

Step 2: Post to Twitter and ask for recommendations (following Dan’s process…tho his following is a bazillion times larger, so we’ll see what response I get.)-


Kate Rutter

Strategic Sketcher :: sketchnoter :: graphic recorder :: lean entrepreneur :: recovering UX designer :: always carries stickynotes ::

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